Faisalabad Police is an organization that continually strives to deliver for community, achieve excellence in everything it does and in doing so provides a world class service. This is not just in relation to national performance tables but being recognized as a worldwide centre of excellence for our policing outfits. In order to realize this ambition vision of the Police for City of Faisalabad is appended below:
“The relentless pursuit of excellence to deliver world class service, staff, performance and reputation”


Our core mission is to make the City of Faisalabad safer by upholding the law fairly and firmly; preventing crime and antisocial behavior; keeping the peace; protecting and reassuring the community; investigating crime and bringing offenders to justice.


Faisalabad Police will strive to uphold the following values which promote professionalism and trust:


Integrity to the City of Faisalabad Police means acting in accordance with the values of the organization. It is about being trustworthy, reliable, committed and there is an expectation that staff have the confidence and support of their colleagues to challenge behavior that falls below the standards, expected by the Force. Our behavior, actions and decisions will always support the public interest and those we work in partnership with. We value public trust and confidence in policing and to earn this we will be open to scrutiny and transparent in our actions. We will respond to well founded criticism with a willingness to learn and change. We fully support the National Police Code of Ethics.


We are an organization that believes in openness, honesty and fairness. We believe in mutual trust and respect, and in valuing diversity in our role both as an employer and as a public service provider. We will seek to create an environment that maximizes everyone's talents in order to meet the needs of the organization, and those of the community we serve.


Professionalism is a quality that we highly value. We expect our staff to be dedicated to professional development, both for themselves and the people they are responsible for, and empowered to use discretion and common sense to make important operational decisions at the correct level. Being professional ensures that we meet the needs and demands of our customers to deliver high quality, fast and effective services.

There is a strong belief and commitment at all levels of the organization that adherence to being professional produces better outcomes for our community and greater success for the City of Faisalabad Police.

"Our values underpin everything we do”