Frequently Asked Questions

What to do if an insane person comes to your house and behaves in a disorderly manner? Top
Avoid him as far as possible and get the service of a Police officer (by dialing 15). If you feel threatened by his/her actions, you can act for your private defense against him.
How can I have a First Information Report (FIR) registered at a police station? Top
An FIR is an account of a cognizable (i.e. over which police has jurisdiction) offence that is entered in a particular format in a register at the police station. Every person has a right to report any matter at the concerned police station and have a case registered in the form of an FIR. The matter may be reported orally or in writing to an officer at a police station or on patrol. An officer who receives an oral report shall reduce it to writing and cause it to be recorded in the FIR register. A certified copy of the FIR, signed by an officer bearing the stamp of the police station is to be provided to the person who reports the crime.
No police officer has the authority to refuse registration of a case. In case a crime is reported and a case is not registered, the person who reports the crime must inform the Sub-divisional Police Officer or the Superintendent of Police or the District Police Officer responsible for law and order in that particular area.
How can a person obtain a driving license? Top
A driving license is issued by the Superintendent or Deputy Superintendent of Police in charge of Traffic Police. A person must obtain a learner permit, issued by the same licensing authority mentioned above, and complete the mandatory 6-week training period before he or she can apply for a regular license to drive. Three recent passport-size photographs, a copy of the computerized national ID card, the original learner permit and revenue stamps of the prescribed value have to be enclosed with the application form of regular license before its submission. The person would then need to appear for a test on the date assigned and a regular license will be issued for a period of 5 years upon successful completion of the driving test.
What is the procedure for transfer of investigation in case a party is not satisfied with investigation? Top
Police Order, 2002, provides for two transfers of investigation. Either of the parties to a case may request a transfer of investigation. In case a party is not satisfied with the quality of an investigation or the conduct of an investigating officer, it may approach the district’s Superintendent of Police, Investigation, or the concerned District Police Officer, the Regional Police Officer (DIG or Addl IGP), or the Addl. IGP, Investigation who has his office in the Central Police Office (CPO), Punjab. The complaint should preferably be made in writing with a copy of the complainant’s National Identity Card attached to it. The complaint must contain the FIR no. of the case and the name of the concerned police station and district. In case of the Capital City District of Lahore, first change is ordered by the Capital City Police Officer after review by a district board comprising three Superintendents of Police.
First Change: All such complaints are referred to a District Standing Board for decision. The board usually comprises the concerned District Police Officer, the Superintendent of Police, Investigation, and the concerned region’s Senior Superintendent of Police, Regional Investigation Branch. After a review of the case the Board makes a recommendation to the Addl. Inspector General of Police, Investigation who orders a transfer if it deems fit. In case a transfer is ordered, the investigation is taken up by the Regional Investigation Branch.
Second Change: The Second change is ordered by the Inspector-General of Police (IGP), Punjab. A complaint may be submitted to the IGP or the Addl. IGP, Investigation. In both cases the matter is referred to the Provincial Standing Board that comprises a DIG and two Superintendents of Police or Senior Superintendents of Police in the Investigation Branch, Punjab that is located in the Central Police Office (CPO), Punjab. In case the IGP orders a second change on the recommendation of the board, the Investigation is taken up by the Investigation Branch, Punjab.
Usually a board does not recommend a case for transfer unless its investigation has been completed. The investigating officers generally continue investigating the case while it's transfer is being considered.
What is section 182 about the punishment for having a false case registered? Top
Section 182 of the Pakistan Penal Code provides for a maximum penalty of six months in prison or fine or both in case a person deliberately has a false case registered. The section is however non-cognizable, i.e. the police cannot automatically register a case under section 182. A court has to order police to proceed against a person under section 182; in case a complaint has been brought to the court by the police or another person.
What is section 144 and what does it imply? Top
Section 144 of the Code of Criminal Procedure (CrPC) empowers district administration to issue orders in public interest that may place a ban on an activity for a specific period of time. Such a ban is enforced by the police who register cases under section 188 of the Pakistan Penal Code for violations of the ban. Section 188 carries a maximum penalty of six months in prison or fine or both.
What to do if an insane person comes to your house and behaves in a disorderly manner? Top
Avoid him as far as possible and get the service of a police officer (by dialing 15). If you feel threatened by his/her actions, you can act for your private defense against him.
What to do for your neighbor is encroaching your land and putting up a wall or fence? Top
Discuss the matter with him and settle the matter amicably. If no satisfactory response is received from him then consult a police officer or a lawyer and take legal action against him. If this is an unauthorized construction, you may inform the relevant Local Government Authority.
How to act in case of receiving a fraudulent cheque? Top
Try to settle the matter before making a complaint. Tender the cheque to the bank and ascertain whether it is a dishonored cheque. If the amount in the cheque is less than Rs.100,000 inform the local police station. Police can investigate the matter according to the fraudulent act, but police shall not be responsible for recovering any financial loss.
How to react in case you are harassed by unwanted telephone calls? Top
Register your complaint by dialing 1218 or 18 and inform the relevant telephone regulatory officer about the unwanted telephonic calls. If identity of the caller is revealed, inform the concerned police station and take the appropriate action against him.
What to do if a suspicious person is loitering closer to your house as near an important public place? Top
Discuss this matter with your neighbors and make further inquiries to find his identity. If the suspicious person is using a vehicle, it is important to note down the details of the vehicle e.g. make, model, registration number and color. For further proceedings inform the relevant police station. And if you suspect a person’s activity or behavior at a public place dial 15 immediately.
What to do if the trees planted closer to the boundary of the adjoining land causes danger to the house or to the occupants of the house? Top
Initially, try to settle the matter amicably. Inform Recue 15 to prevent any danger. If a settlement is not possible, inform the police and settle it through court.
Operation of a welding workshop or a timber saw mill closer to your house is causing the fluctuation of electricity supply noise pollution what steps should you take in this case? Top
Try to settle the matter by discussing with the owner in case you fall, inform the relevant police station or a court and get a court order to resolve the issue.
What should you do if your neighbor played loud music and it is causing disturbance in the neighborhood? Top
Inform the concerned person and try to settle the matter politely. In case you don’t come up with a solution, make a complaint to the relevant police station for further legal proceedings.
What things should I checked while buying a vehicle? Top
Verify the vehicle particulars e.g. chassis number, engine number, and the registration number from the relevant department. When you purchase a vehicle, you should transfer the ownership of the vehicle in your name. If not, you may be liable for any crime committed prior to the purchase.
What is the procedure of transferring a gun license to any other person? Top
A background report of the person, to whom the gun is transferred, should be obtained from the police station. This report should be further referred to Ministry of Defense for approval.
How to renew a gun license? Top
Follow the prescribed procedure for the renewal of the gun license. Fill the relevant forms and submit them to the District Secretariat along with the valid license of the previous year. Thereafter, the renewal shall be carried out on the recommendation of the Superintendent of the Police and with the approval of divisional secretary.
What to do when you come across a property with out an owner? Top
Firstly, inquire about the ownership. In case you are successful in tracing out the owner and proves the owner ship rights, handover the property to the owner. But if you fail to reach the owner, inform the nearest police station of the situation so the proper legal procedure is followed.
What to do if your come across an anonymous parcel? Top
If you find an anonymous parcel at public place and you feel that this parcel could cause any damage to the public or to the property, immediately inform the people of the vicinity and ask them to leave the place. Next, call the police as soon as possible. And above all do not panic in such situations.
A person commits suicide by hanging, how should you react? Top
If a person commits suicide and he is not dead when you reach, immediately transfer him to the nearest hospital. If the person is found dead report to the relevant police station and do not enter to the premises or rush to the place of incident until the police officer arrives for investigation.
What steps to take when you see a dead body on the road? Top
If you find a dead body on the road, you must stop and inform the nearest police station about the incident. Do not touch the body or any thing near it as you might unknowingly destroy valuable evidence.
What to do if a person is run over by a vehicle? Top
Inform the driver of the vehicle about the incident. Consult the doctor as early as possible. Next, notify the matter to the nearest police station and act according to the instructions given by police.