Ameer Aalam Khan

Rank: CONSTABLE 5792
Date Of Birth: 30-10-1969
Date Of Shahadat: 11-05-2015
About Him:
It is submitted that constable Ameer Alam Khan No.5792 while Posted at PS Samanabad detailed for security duty of cricket match at Iqbal Stadium Faisalabad. On 11.05.2015 about 09:30 PM, after performing said duty he was returning hot home in uniform on motorcycle. when he reached at tool Plaza Makuana, near PHP Patrolling post, Two Unknown accused persons riding on Honda 125/CC Without Plate equipped with fire arm came from behind. They came parallel to the said constable, the person sitting behind fired aiming his head which hit him above his right ear at his temple and went across his head. Resultantly, he died at the spot.