Muhammad Afzal

Rank: SI/f-64
Date Of Birth: 04-06-1942
Date Of Shahadat: 28-11-1992
About Him:
SI Muhammad Azal No.F/64 joined the police department on 15.8.91 who laid his life on 28.11.92 for the noble cause of humanity during an encounter with notorious narcotics dealers. The police party captured accused Ali Sher and Sarfraz sons of Gul Muhammad and recovered one gallon liquor, one Piture of Lahan alongwith other articles for the preparation of liquor. In the meantime so many persons male and female gathered there and raised Lalkara for the release of arrested accused. They all attacked at the police party and started firing as a result of which SI Muhammad Afzal received serious injuries. SI Muhammad Afzal his last before reaching the hospital in this way the late SI sacrificed his life for the honor of their profession and service to the mankind.