Zulfiqar Ali

Rank: Constable/2659
Date Of Birth: 06-07-1956
Date Of Shahadat: 05-10-1999
About Him:
Constable Muhammad Sarwar No.1345 reported that on the night between 4-5/10/99 at 12:15 AM he alongwith constable Zulfiqar Ali No.2659 boarded Bus No.8995/PRC Awan Bus Company which was going to fort-abbas for its security at Adda Chak No.426GB. At about 12:30 AM when the bus reached in the area of Chak No.32/GB. The road was blocked. The driver stopped the bus. Suddenly five accused persons dully armed entered the bus and seeing the Police Constables boarded in the bus started firing Const. Zulfiqar Ali also fired on the accused persons in self defense. In the meanwhile one of the accused fired at Constable Zulfiqar Ali which hitted at the left side of his neck. He was seriously injured and fell down and died at the spot.