Abdul Aziz

Rank: Constable/251
Date Of Birth: 10-06-1961
Date Of Shahadat: 20-06-1995
About Him:
One Muhammad Khalid s/o Niamat Ali a real brother of Shaheed Constable Abdul Aziz reported to police that on 26.6.95 he came to District Courts to see his brother Abdul Aziz who was on duty at the gate of District Courts for the prevention/detection of car/vehicle theft. His brother Abdul Aziz told him that a man in a suspicious condition is wondering around the vehicle parked there far theft and also seems to be armed. This fact was also told by brother to Const. Ejaz Ahmad No.2335 and Bashir Ahmad No.2145 who are on eagle duty there. In the meanwhile the said man crossed the road and entered in Katcheri Bazar Abdul Aziz followed him. The man whose name was disclosed later on as Duraiz Khan r/o Dera Ismaeel Khan tried to slip away but Abdul Aziz Const. grappled him into his arms. In the meanwhile the accused took out a 12 bore gun from under neath of his Chadar and fired at Abdul Aziz which hitted him on the left fore leg and vital parts of his body and he fell down. He was removed to hospital while he died due to the injuries.