Muhammad Yaqoob

Rank: Constable/3841
Date Of Birth: 10-04-1956
Date Of Shahadat: 09-08-1988
About Him:
Const. Muhammad Yaqub 3841 of this District joined the Police Department on 22.1.77 who gave his life in an encounter with notorious outlaws of Faisalabad City. This unfortunate incident took place on the night between 8/9.8.88. When HC Mansab Sardar accompanied by late Const. Muhammad Yaqub, while on barrier duty at Jhang-Faisalabad road asked three motorcycle drivers asked them to stop for checking who complying to ignoring the sign of given by the HC turned towards link road leading to Mohallah Nishatabad, Faisalabad in suspicious circumstances. They were given a chase in a car by the diseased and Const. Shabbir Ahmad under the direction of Head Constable, over took them at the distance of about 1 ½ Km and directed them to surrender themselves but they tried to make good their escape. In order to foil their escape Yaqub Const. caught hold of their ring leader Muhammad Safdar and grappled with him. The other two culprits Muhammad Hussain and Zulfiqar @ zulfi came for the help of their accomplice and got him released. Even then the late Const. did not loose heart and he again pounced upon Muhammad Safdar but before he could take him in his grip the looter fired at him with revolver on his chest as a result of which he fell down and died after a short while.